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If you are an agency looking to refer an individual or family to shelter, please complete the online referral form. 


If you are an individual looking to access shelter, call: 

Case Management 

All individuals in the transitional program receive case management from a Health and Social Services certificated case manager. At their option, guests may have their basic information entered into a state-wide database that helps guide to resources that allow a “housing first” approach to access other long-term shelter programs, as well as medical and mental health services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, job building skills, resume assistance, and government assistance programs. Our system complies with HIPAA standards regarding guest information handling. It is expected that the guests in our care will be coordinating with other service providers during the day to carry out their case management goals.

Job Works Program and Life Skills Opportunities

We provide vocational training of office administration, retail sales, warehouse labor, housekeeping services and landscaping. Our client placements operate off-site at various businesses and private parties. Further job skills training of job search, interviewing, resume writing is also given. Life Skills classes of anger management, relapse prevention, parenting, conflict resolution, budgeting, family reunification, personal housekeeping is also provided. Other life skills programming are referred off-site to various partners including mental health counseling, drug recovery, and GED completion.

Transformation Village


Transformation Village is a dorm setting shelter that caters to homeless individuals. This shelter is the first step in restoration and offers housing, showers, and food to stabilize and assist individuals to get back on their feet. This program requires participants to be ambulatory and must be able to complete "activities of daily living". It is a sober and drug-free environment. Participants are asked to contribute  30% of income capped at $575/month. Individuals are expected to participate in weekly case management meetings.

Nomadic Shelter (seasonal program)


The nomadic shelter program is available each day, accepting qualified homeless at several locations in Vallejo, Fairfield and Benicia. We provide transportation to a rotating church each night. Participants are given a warm place to sleep, a portable mattress and blanket, a hot meal, new clothing and hygiene items, a warm shower once a week, and various optional healthy living programs.

Every client is assigned an on-site case manager who is able to guide them to government social services and begin working with the Housing First Solano Continuum of Care Coordinated Entry system for appropriate housing placement. This is a key benefit and contributor to our success. Guests do not have to wait to improve their situation, nor do they have to walk across town for it. They have an immediate opportunity to help themselves without any hindrance.

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