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In the spring of 2018 the Gospel rescue mission Mission Solano shut down their operations serving Solano County. This left a great void in offering our community Christian based love, compassion, care and transformation for the homeless.

With the support of local churches, businesses, and local agencies, Solano Dream Center was birthed in order to continue the Lord's great work in transforming the lives of the homeless through compassion, practical assistance and the power of Christ’s Gospel.

Our efforts focus on assisting homeless individuals and families in getting off the streets, having safe places to sleep, providing healthy and nourishing food, offering case management to restore dignity and break the homeless cycle; and, most importantly, sharing the love of Jesus Christ in order to discover what it means to live out God's destiny for their life in the community of God. 

Simply put, we restore God’s dreams in people’s lives!


Neomi Rhyne

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