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Solano Dream Center


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Our Purpose

Solano Dream Center (SDC) is a faith-based, but not faith required, non-profit corporation that assists homeless individuals in getting off the streets, meet their basic essentials of life for shelter, food and health, and provide a supportive path to restoration and increased self-reliance.


Our mission and purpose is to help every individual live out their life purpose and dreams as they engage in or assist in breaking the homeless cycle. 

Our Dreamers


Our clients are the dreamers and they come from diverse populations: individuals, families of chronic homelessness, mental health complications, substance use, religious beliefs, criminal histories, variety of sexual orientation, diverse family units, unaccompanied youth, transitional age youth, youth existing in the foster care system, seniors, and undocumented immigrants.


Religious preferences are not a requirement of this program, nor is any religious participation. We serve the entire community regardless of social status, age, race, religion, gender identification or lifestyle.

Our Impact

You have probably heard of many reasons people are homeless. Mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism and overall bad circumstances. I am sorry to say that this is true to some extent. People with mental illnesses do live on the street, especially when there is no family member or friend to help them. They have trouble keeping up with their medication and in some cases have just been kicked to the street because they have issues that no one wants to deal with.


There are people that have been affected by the pandemic and have lost everything. I have met people that choose to live on the street because agencies do not allow the use of drugs outside of prescription medication or the consumption of alcohol, so they will not stay at a shelter for that reason. 

Henry Cook

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Our Community


Solano Dream Center has a variety of opportunities to serve the community. You can donate your time, talent, goods, or other support - we have the perfect opportunity for you!


We are local people of faith, and a community of love committed to the transformation of others that are suffering from addiction, domestic violence, homelessness or trauma of any kind. We believe in the radical love of God and His desire for everyone to fulfill their dreams of a full life.



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Let’s Engage

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